Source Materials: 1848 English Struwwelpeter

The musical of SHOCKHEADED PETER is based largely on Heinrich Hoffman’s 1845 German children’s book, Struwwelpeter. In 1848, the first English edition was published, complete with Hoffman’s original illustrations. To see a full facsimile of the earliest English version, click HERE.


3 thoughts on “Source Materials: 1848 English Struwwelpeter

  1. Brooks, your discomfort with the racial content of the original Inky Boys story (“Bully Boys” in the musical) is totally understandable! We had a long conversation about this song during the band workshop this summer, thinking about Hoffman’s original purpose, and how the Tiger Lillies (et al) redirect our gaze towards bullying, which isn’t really an analogue for the “inky boys.”


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