Moving like a Cat

Some inspiration for Harriet’s feline friends:

How to Walk Like a Cat: Tai Chi Walking for Beginners

1. Keep your head up high on your shoulders and look straight ahead.

2. Keep your centre of gravity low and your knees slightly bent. Do not lock out your knees, keep them soft and the joints open.

3. Move one foot cautiously off the floor, peeling the sole of the foot slowly from the ground as though it were partially stuck with glue.

4. With one leg raised, begin to place the heel down in front of you, slowly. Do not look at the floor or at your feet, but instead keep your eyes focused in front of you. This will help maintain your balance.

5. With the heel now on the ground, roll the rest of the foot forward towards the toes. Keep your arms relaxed and at your sides and do not hold your breath!


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